Lauren’s Hope Medical Jewelry – a review

In an emergency where you or your loved ones are unable to talk and advocate for your care, wearing medical jewelry can be life saving! This could be especially important if you have a condition like Diabetes, an allergy to latex, corn, or medications, or a condition that might cause vital signs that would seem odd out of context, as in the case of Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, among others. It can also be incredibly important for emergency medical staff to know if you are taking any medications, experience seizures, or are allergic to any analgesic medications. Try to think of the issues that are most likely to come up in a situation where you were unconscious (eg. getting IV fluids, a blood transfusion, having surgery or stitches, etc). If the issues are complex, it would be wise to include instructions to look for the paper in your purse, the note saved on your phone, or the contact information for a person who could explain on your behalf.

If Celiac disease is your primary concern, you would note that diagnosis, or a wheat allergy if that is the case. I have known several people who experience a form of narcolepsy after being “glutened” – to me that is a reaction that is important to mention in case you are found in that state. If you struggle with corn, grains, or dairy, you would also want to note this because they can be included as non-medicinal ingredients in some medications, and ingredients in glucose syrup, hand sanitizer, and rubbing alcohol could be sourced from grains. You may want to do the research and find out which versions are safe so that you have that information available, just in case you need it.

I consulted the Paramedic in my life and he shared that: “The most common usage [for medical jewelry] is for allergies and common conditions where people may be found unconscious like diabetes or a seizure disorder. Super handy from a medic perspective. Severe food and drug allergies that are likely to cause unconsciousness would be the biggies.” Bearing that in mind, the decision of precisely which information to include is up to you. Personally, I think it is well worth the investment to have the peace of mind that critical information would be available in an emergency. Click here to explore the various options available for humans of all ages at Lauren’s Hope!

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