Down with the Pastryarchy Educational Program

Our Educational Program has been developed with newly diagnosed Celiacs, and others with medical reason to avoid gluten and/or grains, in mind. There are also sections that are written for those who are supporting a loved one making the transition to life without gluten, and for children, teens, and young adults who have been recently diagnosed. This course will also be of benefit for those who noticed that they feel better when they are not consuming gluten/grains, but don’t yet have a formal diagnosis. There is information that will help you understand the testing process, and why it can be valuable to have a formal diagnosis, and the content will be helpful whether you choose to pursue diagnosis or not. This resource will be of less benefit to someone who is eating gluten-free as part of a fad, simply because they don’t need to go to the same lengths as those with medical cause to avoid gluten.

By buying this Educational Program, you gain access to valuable resources that will help you to set up a safe kitchen, learn how to shop for and cook with safe ingredients, and to process the implications your new way of being will have in other areas of your life. This incredible program will equip you to live gluten/grain free, and to regain and protect your health. It includes everything from ingredients to watch for on labels, to how to navigate social gatherings, dating, school, and how to garner support within your social network. You will also find recipes, shopping lists, cleaning tutorials for de-glutening, recommendations for safe products, and more.

The Educational Program has been created to offer the same content in text (PDF E-Book), video, and audio formats, allowing you to learn in the way that suits you and your lifestyle best. You can download all of the content to your phone, tablet, or computer, giving you access to critical information and resources, anytime, any place, without the need to be connected to the internet. You’re welcome to print the E-Book if you would rather; we simply ask that you not reproduce or distribute it without our permission. Inside the E-Book, you will find:

  • What gluten is, where to watch for it, and how to recognize it on food labels
  • How to set up a safe gluten/grain free kitchen
  • How to cook and bake without gluten/grains
  • How to eat at restaurants without getting glutened
  • How to navigate social life, holidays, and dating
  • How to navigate travel
  • Where to watch for gluten/grains in your environment (cosmetics, cleaners, dental/medical care, medications and supplements, construction, etc)
  • Special insights for parents and children
  • Tips for safe products
  • Great recipes
  • And more!

Download the first chapter of the E-book here.

We have created four access levels:


Level 1 gives you access to the Down with the Pastryarchy E-Book in PDF format only.

Level 2 gives you access to that same great content, plus audio and video versions of the same materials, a complete Educational Program. We wanted to give you this option so you can learn in the way that suits you and your lifestyle best.

Level 3 allows you to access the E-Book in PDF version without audio and video content, but adds an additional e-course called Your Guide to Health. This program gets into much greater detail about the ways you can support your health and healing. It addresses the causes, consequences, and solutions of disease, covering things like sleep, detoxification, nutrition, trauma, leaky gut, and the microbiome.

Level 4 gives you the video, audio, and PDF versions of the Down with the Pastryarchy E-Book, plus an additional Your Guide to Health e-course. This level of access was designed specifically for those who want to dig deep, get to the root causes, and make the changes necessary to support healing in the present, and on-going health and wellness in the years to come.

Whichever level you choose, this vital information will equip you to make informed decisions and choose the best course for you and your loved ones as you navigate this strange new world without gluten/grains. With every membership level, you can sign up for our mailing list, and receive the latest blog posts, recipes, and special offers in your inbox. We also offer a “30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Are you ready to learn how to live stress and symptom-free?

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