I have always been a foodie at heart. I love food… sharing it with friends and family, trying new recipes, and being able to experiment with flavours from all over the world! After I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, I needed to learn how to adapt to cooking with an array of new ingredients, and how to watch for ingredients that were no longer safe to use. In many cases, this meant I needed to learn how to make my own spice blends and sauces, sometimes using very different ingredients to recreate the flavours and textures I was missing. There has been a lot of experimentation over the past few years, and definitely some that failed, but I’ll stick to sharing the ones that I have tested and approved as delicious.

Two ingredients in particular have been game changing in this quest: Coconut Amino Sauce, and Otto’s Cassava Flour. Coconut Amino Sauce is an ideal substitute for soy sauce, which is important to note because soy sauce contains gluten unless specifically marked “gluten free.” Even still, many of us struggle with soy itself, so it is marvelous to have a replacement. Otto’s Cassava Flour is downright magical! It behaves similarly to wheat flour, making it much easier to recreate baked goods with the sort of flavour and texture you’d expect them to have. I use it to make cookies, muffins, waffles, soft pretzels, gnocchi, and tortillas! If you can handle yeast, dairy, and eggs, you could even make french bread with it (keep an eye on for for that recipe and other new ones using their flour).

Soon after diagnosis, I discovered that the Autoimmune Paleo template was an ideal tool to help my body heal. I am so grateful for all of the dedicated bloggers and recipe developers in that community! So I’ve shared many of my favourite recipes from them under the “Other Recipes” tab. Under the “My Recipes” tab, you will find the ones that I have significantly adapted, and ones that I’ve made up myself. Most recipes you will find here are AIP, Paleo, or at the very least, grain, dairy, and egg free (or easily adapted to be). Many of them could also be easily adapted for Vegan or Vegetarian needs as well.

Do you have a favourite recipe that you’d love to share with us? Or a special trick that has made gluten free cooking easier? We would love to hear from you!