Cooking for Work/Office Life

Life gets busy, and it gets harder to stay on top of cooking, and planning for meals. When you have a condition like Celiac disease, serious allergies, or other reasons to avoid certain foods, it gets more complicated. So I wanted to create a resource that will hopefully make it easier to plan ahead and have safe foods available when you need them, with the amount of time and energy that is realistically available. With a few strategic steps, it is absolutely doable!

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Bloating seems to be among the most common symptoms experienced by people who have Celiac Disease. While this can absolutely be a symptom of gluten exposure, if you have already confirmed that there is no gluten getting in through your diet, personal care products, medications or supplements, or other environmental factors (like drywall or baking), there are a few other possibilities that can be considered as potential underlying causes. Some can be eliminated with common sense, and others will require the help of your medical practitioners to look into. Let’s explore some of the possibilities. Continue reading “Bloating”

Anxiety and Depression in Celiacs

Anxiety and depression are among the most common symptoms associated with Celiac disease, and seem to be among the issues most frequently experienced after diagnosis. Part of this can become very chicken-or-egg-like, as we try to tease out whether the anxiety/depression is present because we have been glutened, or because we fear being exposed to gluten. Nutritional deficiencies resulting from celiac disease can also further exacerbate or cause these symptoms. Either way, it is very real, and it is worth discussing tools that can help to lessen the impact of these mental health concerns. Continue reading “Anxiety and Depression in Celiacs”


Yoga has existed for thousands of years as a mind-body practice that focuses on mindfulness, physical well-being, and healing both body and mind. The religious elements of its roots have become less and less prominent as teachers have begun to share yoga practices around the world. To many people, yoga is just stretching to ambient music, or sitting in a painful looking twisted position, sometimes while praying to some higher power. Some people are intimidated, thinking that they have to have a particular athletic and spiritual background in order to start attending yoga classes. But just like meditation, yoga practice today is studied as a very powerful healing tool, or a form of exercise, and you do not have to be a master athlete, or believe in any higher spirit(s) or god(s), to embrace the benefits of yoga. Continue reading “Yoga”

College Life

Going off to college is daunting for the average young adult. You’re learning how to live on your own, manage your own finances, your own meals, your own laundry, and navigating a myriad of relationships like roommates, professional interactions with professors, and navigating dating without the watchful eye of parents. There are so many things going on, it can be overwhelming. When you add to that learning to navigate a Celiac diagnosis on your own for the first time (or any other reason to strictly avoid gluten)… well, it’s huge. You’re young and desperately want to claim your independence and just be “normal”. Continue reading “College Life”

Wild Zora’s Dehydrated Meals and Bars – a review

One of the most challenging things about the transition to life as a Celiac (or otherwise) on a gluten free diet (especially if you have additional allergies or sensitivities) is the loss of convenience foods, and foods with stable shelf life. While this is annoying in daily life, it is most challenging in contexts like backcountry hiking, camping, or preparing a disaster kit. Wild Zora to the rescue! Continue reading “Wild Zora’s Dehydrated Meals and Bars – a review”

Lauren’s Hope Medical Jewelry – a review

In an emergency where you or your loved ones are unable to talk and advocate for your care, wearing medical jewelry can be life saving! This could be especially important if you have a condition like Diabetes, an allergy to latex, corn, or medications, or a condition that might cause vital signs that would seem odd out of context, as in the case of Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, among others. It can also be incredibly important for emergency medical staff to know if you are taking any medications, experience seizures, or are allergic to any analgesic medications. Try to think of the issues that are most likely to come up in a situation where you were unconscious (eg. getting IV fluids, a blood transfusion, having surgery or stitches, etc). If the issues are complex, it would be wise to include instructions to look for the paper in your purse, the note saved on your phone, or the contact information for a person who could explain on your behalf. Continue reading “Lauren’s Hope Medical Jewelry – a review”

Gabriel Cosmetics – a review

I used Gabriel Cosmetics years ago, before I was diagnosed with Celiac disease. I think I stopped somewhere in the midst of living in Prague, getting diagnosed, and switching all my products. So you can imagine my surprise and sheer glee when I discovered that they are in fact Certified Gluten Free!!! Their website states:

“Gabriel, Zuzu Luxe and Clean Kids Naturally have been certified gluten-free by the Gluten Intolerance Group. According to GFCO’s website their certification seal, “stands for the independent verification of quality, integrity, and purity of products. Products carrying the GF logo represents unmatched reliability and for meeting strict gluten-free standards. GFCO is the leading gluten-free certification program in the world.” Continue reading “Gabriel Cosmetics – a review”

Hot Logic – a review

I recently learned about the HotLogic Mini from another blogger who posted about it on their Instagram feed, and I have to say this thing is the new best friend of every human with a restrictive or modified diet! This fabulous little device allowed me to participate in a weekend away with 30 people in a cabin, without getting sick as I had on the same trip two years ago (when I had tried to do it sharing the communal kitchen. They also kept grains in a designated, ventilated area which helped keep me safe too). If you’re doing any sort of travel that will still give you access to a power outlet (they have adaptors for international travel and car adapters too), this thing is the bees knees! It could also be a wonderful solution for those working in offices or on the road. Let me tell you a bit more about how this thing works…
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Select Wisely Allergen Safety Cards – a review

Are you getting tired of repeating the same spiel to every server, chef, and family member who wants to learn how to cook for you? Would you love to have a pocket sized card that you could hand them with the most essential things for them to know to be able to prepare a meal that will be safe for you? Select Wisely is a company that makes these cards, offering several different standard options for allergies like nuts, dairy, gluten (we know Celiac disease isn’t an allergy, but the information would still be relevant in this case), sugar, etc. You can also order a custom card tailored to your specific needs! How cool is that?! And for any of you with Diabetes, they offer additional resources for diabetics for navigating airport security screening with your medical supplies! Continue reading “Select Wisely Allergen Safety Cards – a review”