Cooking for Work/Office Life

Life gets busy, and it gets harder to stay on top of cooking, and planning for meals. When you have a condition like Celiac disease, serious allergies, or other reasons to avoid certain foods, it gets more complicated. So I wanted to create a resource that will hopefully make it easier to plan ahead and have safe foods available when you need them, with the amount of time and energy that is realistically available. With a few strategic steps, it is absolutely doable!

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Egg Roll Magic

It’s probably clear by now that my recipe development process is purely motivated by my cravings. This time, it was egg rolls.

While the coconut wrappers didn’t crisp up to the degree of flaky magic I was hoping for, it could have been because I was using a shallow fry method, or needed to reduce the ratio of filling to wrapper (the part that was doubled over got quite crispy). Either way, I invite to you experiment. I used the “Pure Wraps” coconut wraps, and “Nuco” also makes Celiac safe ones. If you tolerate such things, rice or tapioca wrappers would probably be better. The filling is also delicious eaten on it’s own as a Paleo stir fry, and would pair well with white rice (if you tolerate it/aren’t following AIP).

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Chicken Tacos with Mango Salsa and Guacamole

When time allows, my foodiefriend Jody and I like to get together and cook something epic! This time, wetook on tacos! And oh my goodness, I’m so glad we did! The results were betterthan I could have ever imagined! This is quite an involved recipe, with manyparts, so I would suggest making it on a day when you have lots of time, and/or help to make it happen. Batch cooking and freezing Cassava Flour Tortillas ahead of time would significantly reduce preparation time (or use other prepared gluten-free tortillas that work for you). It’s also the sort of thing you could prep ahead of time by cutting and marinating the chicken in the fridge, and/or making the salsa and guacamole ahead of time (there’s enough lime juice in these recipes to prevent them from going brown). If you have a partner who enjoys cooking together, this would make for a fun date night 😉

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Butternut Curry

I absolutely adore butter chicken! Discovering that I could no longer eat dairy, grains, tomatoes, or curry powder (thanks to additional allergies beyond gluten issues) definitely threw a wrench into this dish! A few weeks ago, the cravings got the better of me and inspired me to create something that would scratch that itch. I’ll admit it’s not the same, but it’s delicious, and close enough to be very satisfying. Note the additional ingredient options indicated for those who can tolerate ingredients that don’t work for me, but could enhance the flavour. It’s also worth noting that this sauce could be made in a larger quantity and frozen for faster meals. Unfortunately, this dish is not AIP, but is reintroduction friendly.

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Apple Spice Muffins

The chillier it gets, the more I just want to eat warm things… and the more I crave cinnamon! So, I’m sharing a muffin recipe I’ve adapted for you. The original muffin recipe that inspired the base for this one comes from another blogger called Recipes to Nourish – you can see the original blueberry lemon muffin recipe here. This time, I’ve created a little bit of Apple Cinnamon magic that I hope you’ll enjoy as much I have!

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Stir Fry with Chicken and Cashews

Stir fry has always been a frequent meal found on my family’s table. There were phases where it was served with tofu, or chicken, or chow mein, or rice… these days I just eat the stir fry and don’t bother with starchy sides. Recently I was experimenting with the Coconut Secret coconut aminos sauce – which makes an excellent replacement for soy sauce which frequently contains wheat – and was so impressed with the results that I decided I needed to share it with you. Continue reading “Stir Fry with Chicken and Cashews”


Bloating seems to be among the most common symptoms experienced by people who have Celiac Disease. While this can absolutely be a symptom of gluten exposure, if you have already confirmed that there is no gluten getting in through your diet, personal care products, medications or supplements, or other environmental factors (like drywall or baking), there are a few other possibilities that can be considered as potential underlying causes. Some can be eliminated with common sense, and others will require the help of your medical practitioners to look into. Let’s explore some of the possibilities. Continue reading “Bloating”

Anxiety and Depression in Celiacs

Anxiety and depression are among the most common symptoms associated with Celiac disease, and seem to be among the issues most frequently experienced after diagnosis. Part of this can become very chicken-or-egg-like, as we try to tease out whether the anxiety/depression is present because we have been glutened, or because we fear being exposed to gluten. Nutritional deficiencies resulting from celiac disease can also further exacerbate or cause these symptoms. Either way, it is very real, and it is worth discussing tools that can help to lessen the impact of these mental health concerns. Continue reading “Anxiety and Depression in Celiacs”


Yoga has existed for thousands of years as a mind-body practice that focuses on mindfulness, physical well-being, and healing both body and mind. The religious elements of its roots have become less and less prominent as teachers have begun to share yoga practices around the world. To many people, yoga is just stretching to ambient music, or sitting in a painful looking twisted position, sometimes while praying to some higher power. Some people are intimidated, thinking that they have to have a particular athletic and spiritual background in order to start attending yoga classes. But just like meditation, yoga practice today is studied as a very powerful healing tool, or a form of exercise, and you do not have to be a master athlete, or believe in any higher spirit(s) or god(s), to embrace the benefits of yoga. Continue reading “Yoga”