A Tour of my Amazon Shop

Depending on how much time you’ve spent exploring www.downwiththepastryarchy.com, you may have noticed that there is a SHOP tab on the homepage. It’s one of the ways you can connect with my e-book, and also the access point to reach a carefully curated directory of my favourite Celiac friendly products, tools, and services. You will find direct links to whole shops like Carina Organics, Red Apple Lipstick, Wild Zora, Paleo on the Go, ShopAIP, and others. Continue reading “A Tour of my Amazon Shop”


Imagine the human body as a vehicle with four wheels. This car is not going to get you anywhere with only three wheels, or with two of them deflated. Nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress management are like those wheels, driving us towards our health and well being. If we eat poorly, spend all day sitting in an office under a lot of stress, and stay up very late, surrounded by artificial light sources, we don’t do our bodies any favors. Sleep is a grossly undervalued determinant of health. If you struggle with falling asleep, staying asleep, or getting enough of it, keep reading. Continue reading “Sleep”

Getting Enough Iron, Vitamin B12, and Folate

Iron deficiency/anemia that is unresponsive to supplementation is one of the most common signs of Celiac disease in adults. The vast majority of Celiacs, and others who struggle with gluten and grains, tend to have low iron levels, even after diagnosis. This happens for complex reasons. The short version of the story is that Celiac disease can cause damage to the small intestine where our bodies normally absorb nutrients like iron, vitamin B12, and folate. GIG has done a great job of explaining anemia and the connection to Celiac disease here. This isn’t the sort of thing that comes on suddenly in most cases. It typically will progress from low iron levels to iron deficiency anemia, which comes with symptoms like: Continue reading “Getting Enough Iron, Vitamin B12, and Folate”

Get to know me!

You might be wondering who I am and why you should listen to me; well, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Susanne. About 10 years ago I started having severe migraines and episodes of vertigo with nausea and vomiting that would come and go, seemingly at random, lasting for a few days up to 6 months in one stretch – as well as significant fatigue, gut, joint, and body pain, and memory issues. You can imagine that was problematic during university, but somehow I managed to graduate at the top of my class with a degree in Social Work. I was determined to change the world and make it a better place, but my health continued to deteriorate, forcing me to leave the world of office work, and stop practicing as a doula. In my late 20s, in 2013, I moved to Prague – where it wasn’t yet trendy to be “gluten free”, so when I mentioned that I suspected I had an issue with gluten to my new doctor there, she took it seriously and ordered the lab work. Continue reading “Get to know me!”


I spent much of my adult life resisting the practice of meditation. Due to some spiritually abusive experiences in my 20s, it didn’t really feel safe, and I was convinced it wasn’t for me… but oh how wrong I was! It has turned out to be a beautifully transformative tool that is helping me to heal, and to practice healthier patterns of self-regulation. The thing that finally convinced me to try meditation was reading a book called The Last Best Cure. Continue reading “Meditation”

What’s in a Name?

The road to diagnosis is a surprisingly arduous one. I’ve encountered very few people who have said they were diagnosed with Celiac Disease, or any autoimmune condition for that matter, right away. They have often struggled with unexplained symptoms for years, if not most of their lives. Many have been dismissed, brushed off, told it is all in their head, and thus unable to access appropriate treatment and resources. You may begin to wonder if it really matters whether you have the official title or not, especially if you’ve found ways to manage symptoms that are working for you. That ultimately has to be your call. For me, it was important to have that validation to know with certainty that I wasn’t imagining it, that I have Celiac disease and it really does matter that I take it seriously, and that it is reasonable to ask for accommodation to keep me safe/healthy. Having a firm answer can, at least in part, boil down to a mental health issue. Continue reading “What’s in a Name?”

Carina Organics – a review

Ok, it’s time I let you in on a little secret…. I LOVE CARINA ORGANICS!!! Not only do they make incredibly high quality products that perform as well – or better than – mainstream products, but they also don’t contain any gluten, corn, soy, or other grains! They are free of any nastiness or toxins that could be absorbed through the skin! And they’re totally safe?! Huzzah! They’re even made close to where I live! I LOVE them! Continue reading “Carina Organics – a review”

Gluten Safety Education for Children

Hi there! I wanted to make a post especially for the young people who just found out that they can’t eat gluten or grains anymore. This is a game changer, guys! The bad news is that there might be some awkward moments ahead of you as you teach your friends and families how to keep you safe from Evil Gluten. The good news is that you now have the knowledge and power to make choices that will make it possible for you to feel better and be happy and healthy for the rest of your life! I know it might be tempting to eat the foods you used to eat, but even if you don’t feel it, it’s hurting you in a serious way and it’s important that you take this responsibility to choose wisely seriously. Continue reading “Gluten Safety Education for Children”

Concerns with Small Children

Getting a new diagnosis for yourself can be scary and challenging enough, but what about when it is for your child (or a child you care for)?! You love them and want the best for them, and it may have been hard to see them suffer with symptoms, and overwhelming to figure out how to manage life now that you know. It will be much easier for children who can recognize the connection between a gluten/grain exposure and yucky symptoms, and you can work with them to draw these connections. You can make a detective game out of it even, tracing the trail from the upset tummy (or migraine, or rash, or mood swings or whichever symptoms they are noticing) back to the exposure. Then talk about what could have been done differently to prevent it from happening next time. Continue reading “Concerns with Small Children”